Privacy Policy


1 - This privacy policy defines the manner in which LIVAD uses personal data of the users visiting our websites, interacting with us and using our services. It also informs the users what rights they have and how they are protected by the law.
2 - It is important for every user to read this privacy policy in order to be able to use the websites and services of LIVAD in an informed manner (including the knowledge on how data are used and why they are used).


1 - Your personal data are controlled by LIVAD Medya Teknoloji A.Ş. - Şehit Muhtar Mahallesi Mis Sokak No:24/13 Beyoğlu/İSTANBUL


1 - LIVAD collects various information about its customers and guests when it is provided to LIVAD or when the users use services of LIVAD or when LIVAD collects such information from another source. Collected data can be assigned to the following categories:

Identification data: First name and surname, user name. In the case of contact through social media - also the user name in these media.

Contact data: First name, surname, user name. In case of contact through social media - also the user name in these media. If you subscribe to the
newsletter, contact data refers only to the provided name and email address.

Data related to image: Image of a person who has concluded a contract with LIVAD.

Financial data: Bank account number

Technical data: Internet Protocol address (IP), browser type and version, setting and location of the time zone, types and versions of browser
plug-ins, operating system and platform, other technologies applied in devices employed by the user in order to access this website.

User data: Information about the manner of the website or services (tracking behaviour).

Tracking data: Information that is collected about the user by LIVAD or other entities using cookies and similar tracking technologies, such as web
beacons, pixels and mobile device identifiers.

2- LIVAD collects, shares and uses Aggregated data (statistical or demographic data), which, nonetheless, do not constitute personal data. If these data are merged by LIVAD with data allowing for the user identification, aggregated data are treated by LIVAD as personal data.

3- LIVAD does not collect sensitive data (data of special category), including data revealing one’s racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, data concerning sexual life and orientation, political views, information about health and diseases as well as biometric and genetic data.

4 - If the user decides not to share some data with LIVAD, it may result in the inability to perform services provided by LIVAD. In the event when the consent is required by the law, it is always voluntary. However, when processing data, LIVAD does not rely only on the user’s consent, but also on other bases for data processing.


1 - LIVAD uses various methods of personal data collection, that is:

Direct interactions: The user provides data directly to LIVAD. The provision is performed upon registration (conclusion of a contract), contact by mail or
by phone and contract (lease of advertising space). In this manner, we collect identification data, contact data, data related to image and financial data.

Automated activities: Data are collected automatically during interactions with LIVAD (also through the website) by cookies and analytic tools. In this
manner we collect technical data, user data and tracking data. We may also collect aggregated data. In automated activities,we only use
Google analytics

From third parties: Data are provided by entities which are external in relation to LIVAD (including entities providing tracking services, statistical
services, etc. as well as entities providing solutions related to logging-in, e.g. Google Sign-In), if these entities have a legal basis for such provision.
This basis usually consists in the user’s consent. In this manner, we collect Technical data, User data and Tracking data. We may also obtain
Financial data (payments operators) and, upon authentication, Identification data and Contact data (social portals, streaming portals). Necessary
personal data may be obtained by LIVAD also through API placed in portals of business partners of LIVAD and entities providing services for LIVAD.


1 - The manner of use of data by LIVAD is contingent upon the purpose for which these data have been provided or obtained:

If we perform a contract which has already been concluded or if we want
to conclude a contract.
If it is justified by the interests of LIVAD or by the interests of third parties, and the interests of the user do not override them.
If LIVAD must perform a legal obligation imposed on it.

However, as a rule, LIVAD uses data for the purpose of:

a. performance of services provided by electronic means, and in the case of users with whom a contract has been concluded – also for the purpose of performance of that contract;

b. performance of other services;

c. handling of inquiries, requests and orders;

d. marketing activities (marketing of own products);e. analysis and improvement of the functioning of websites and services
provided by LIVAD;

f. development, repair or tests of various functionalities;


1 - As a rule, data collected by LIVAD are not shared with third parties. However, LIVAD may:
a. share data of persons who have concluded a contract with LIVAD (lease of advertising space) with advertisers at the stage of their deciding about cooperation with LIVAD, as well as information about the implemented campaigns;
b. share data of persons who have used the services of LIVAD with entities supporting LIVAD in the provision of services, such as payment processors or providers of analytic tools (e.g. Google Analitycs);
c. provide data to law enforcement authorities, supervisory bodies, entities performing public tasks or other entities, if the obligation to provide data results from the legal provisions.
The provision of data must always be performed based on the legal provision or the relevant contract (outsourcing of personal data processing).


1- Cookies consist in small text information in the form of text files which are sent by the server and saved on the side of the person visiting websites (e.g. on the hard disk of a computer or laptop or on the smartphone memory card – depending on the device employed by the user).
2 - As a standard, most web browsers available in the market accept saving cookies by default. Everyone is able to define the conditions of using cookies by means of settings of their web browser. This means that the possibility of saving cookies may be e.g. partially limited (e.g. in time) or totally disabled – however, in the latter case, it may affect some functionalities of websites.
3 - LIVAD uses the following cookies:
a. Google Analytics These files are necessary for traffic analysis and are not essential for the proper functioning of websites of LIVAD. LIVAD offers an easy way to disable these files.
4 - Google Analytics - LIVAD uses the services of Google Analytics and its functions provided by Google Inc. These services support LIVAD in analysing and enhancing its websites and the services provided through them. Along with advertising functions, Google Analytics employs cookies to analyse the manner of use of websites. The data received are processed in an aggregate and anonymous manner (which means that they prevent identification of a given person. However, these data may be merged with other data. Then, they constitute personal data for LIVAD ). Everyone may block the transfer of data from electronic devices to Google Analytics by downloading and installing a free browser plug-in available here. More information about the Google Analytics tool is available here.