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What is LIVAD?

LIVAD develops cutting edge live stream monetization products connecting brands with streamers. Our technology enables brands to serve non-intrusive, elegant, and interactive overlays while allowing streamers of all sizes to monetize their content consistently.

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Serve elegant, interactive video overlays across a wide network of streamers while targeting based on audience, stream, or streamer characteristics. Our AI-powered algorithms will automatically find the best moments for your brand's creatives to be displayed.

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Capture the Moments That Matter: Introducing Live Event Detection

April 12, 2023 - 2 min read

Live streaming has rapidly become the go-to medium for entertainment, with millions of viewers tuning into their favorite creators every day. For brands, live streaming presents a unique opportunity to engage with audiences in a way that feels more authentic and personal than traditional advertising. With the ability to analyze live stream video and audio in real-time, LIVAD's Live Event Detection technology identifies key moments during live streams when brands can best connect with their target audiences.

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Gen-Z is a highly influential and diverse generation that is quickly becoming a major target for brands. With their strong sense of social consciousness and desire for authenticity, reaching Gen-Z effectively requires a different approach than that of previous generations. Read our article to find out some tips for brands looking to effectively reach Gen-Z.