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How PHILIPS achieved a 5.40% CTR through Livestream Advertising at scale.

Last February was an exciting time for Philips, as it was launching a brand new product: ‘OneBlade’. Aiming to appeal to a young and dynamic audience, Philips was well aware of the challenge it was facing as many among its target audience use adblock, and do not trust traditional advertising. Therefore, Philips turned to a lesser-known, unconventional model, Livestream Advertising. Read the article to find out how Philips achieved a 5.40% CTR through our smart layer technology.

How to Monetize Your Livestream Content with LIVAD's Interactive Non-Intrusive Video Ads

It is no secret that monetizing livestream content and turning it into a regular source of income is a long and challenging process for most streamers. In this article, we explained how to monetize your livestreams with LIVAD's interactive video ads and easy steps for joining our streamer community.

Four Reasons Why Live Streaming Platforms Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Over the last decade, live streaming platforms have been increasing in popularity as an attractive alternative to TV and large tech companies allocated a considerable amount of resources into these platforms. Read our article to find out the reasons why live streaming should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Understanding Generation Z and approaching the Twitch community

Brands have been implementing influencer marketing strategies through Youtube and Instagram to reach new generations for a while. Nevertheless, popular live streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming are still a little blurry in the marketer’s mind. Read our article in which we talk about Generation Z, why they are attracted to live streaming platforms, and what strategies work best to get them to engage with the brands.

SteelSeries Case Study - Collecting Consumer Feedback Through Interactive Questionnaires

Collecting user feedback to generate relevant and actionable consumer insights is a key need for brands. LIVAD offers an engagement-focused advertising model that allows brands to collect valuable consumer feedback while increasing their brand awareness amongst their target audience. Check out the case study of our campaign with Steelseries to learn more about our advertising model and how we achieved impressive results in this campaign.

COVID-19 Impact: How did the pandemic affect the livestreaming industry?

Almost every industry affected severely by the COVID-19 pandemic but how did live streaming services have a huge increase in their number of users in this period? Check out the article to find out the statistics about the industry during the lockdown and the reasons for an almost 100% growth that live streaming services have seen. Case Study - a Black Friday campaign

Just before Black Friday, we met with’s marketing team to increase their sales. Thanks to LIVAD's elegant and user-friendly ad display technology, the campaign resulted in a high level of engagement. Take a look at this case study to explore the fundamentals of a successful ad campaign focusing on the features of LIVAD's smart advertising model.

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