Monetize your
live streams with LIVAD's
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Monetize your
livestreams with LIVAD's
smart layer technology.

Join our network of streamers and start earning today!

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What is LIVAD?

At LIVAD Technologies, we are bringing brands and streamers together for ad sponsorships, displaying brands’ visual assets on streamers’ screens without interrupting the stream. This way, we offer streamers an easy way to monetize their passion.

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Create new
moments of attraction for your viewers

Leveraging our questionnaire and interactive models, you can offer your viewers innovative ways to engage with your stream.


"It is difficult to find sponsors if you are livestreaming in Turkey.
So, it is PERFECT to have LIVAD. Because they find the sponsors, speak with them on behalf of you and display the ads in a way that does not interrupt the whole screen and does not disturb the audience.
Everything is incredibly fast and easy!"

Asım Cihad "FabulousN" Karakaya

"Being able to display ads and monetize my content without compromising the viewership experience is extremely valuable. The ads don't annoy my viewers and I can continue presenting my content without any interruptions. Honestly, I am more than satisfied with the system."

Necati "ZEON" Akçay

"It was challenging to deal with training, streaming, and finding sponsors at the same time since I'm an esports player. Thanks to LIVAD, I can focus only on streaming and make live streams more pleasing for my audience with elegant, interactive ads.

Anıl "HolyPhoenix" Işık

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Everybody Loves Pizza Days: How Domino's Got a 4.52% Click-Through Rate Through Non-Intrusive Live Stream Ads

March 28, 2022 - 2 min read

According to Newzoo, 92% of viewers regularly eat or drink while watching game-related content on platforms like Twitch or Youtube. This makes live streams a particularly valuable medium for online food delivery businesses to stay top-of-mind and reach consumers right when they are making their purchasing decisions. Domino’s saw this opportunity and decided to promote its pizza days with a series of live stream advertising campaigns, promoting special discounts through carefully crafted designs presented via non-intrusive formats in line with the audience’s tastes and expectations.

Vodafone and Netflix Achieve 76% Lift in Ad Recall with Collaborative Ads on Live Streams powered by LIVAD Technologies

March 15, 2022 - 2 min read

After successfully partnering with LIVAD to promote its FreeZone Wild Rift 5G Tournament past June, Vodafone decided to continue to invest in live stream advertising to reach its target audience by launching its partnership with Netflix, which allows Vodafone Red users to avail 3 months of Netflix subscription, using LIVAD’s premium live stream advertising solutions. To demonstrate the success of non-intrusive live stream advertising, the campaign was measured with the world’s first Brand Lift Study conducted on creator channels during their live streams via interactive polls.

How to Monetize Your Livestream Content with LIVAD's Interactive, Non-Intrusive Video Ads

August 18, 2021 - 3 min read

It is no secret that monetizing livestream content and turning it into a regular source of income is a long and challenging process for most streamers. In LIVAD, we offer an easier way to monetize your livestreams.