How to Monetize Your Live Stream Content with LIVAD's Interactive, Non-Intrusive Video Overlays

August 18, 2021
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It is no secret that monetizing livestream content and turning it into a regular source of income is a long and challenging process for most streamers. As LIVAD, we offer an easier way to monetize your livestreams.

What is LIVAD?

LIVAD is an media distribution technology that automatically displays brands’ visual assets on streamers’ screens without interrupting their content. While LIVAD makes it easier for streamers to get noticed and sponsored by brands through its data-driven approach, it also makes live stream experience much more entertaining for the viewers through elegant creatives, interactive concepts, and non-intrusive placement. You can see what our overlays look like here.

Minimum effort:

Unlike traditional sponsorships, you don’t have to wait to get noticed by brands or deal with the complicated formalities by yourself. LIVAD does it all for you. Once you join our network, you start earning money right away.

Track your revenue and stats via real-time Streamer Dashboard:

In LIVAD’s real-time Streamer Dashboard, you will be able to manage your active campaigns and monitor all the details about your overlay display performance easily. Everything you need in one place.

Work with prestigious brands:

LIVAD offers you the opportunity to work with prestigious brands like Domino's, Philips, Huawei, Steelseries and many others. Even if you are a streamer with a smaller community, working with top brands will contribute to your overall streamer outlook while giving you a chance to showcase your community’s engagement.

Create entertaining and interactive moments for your audience:

With carefully crafted, elegant creatives designed specifically with the gaming communities’ tastes and expectations in mind, your livestreams will now have new moments of attraction. Shifting the viewing experience from intrusive mid-roll ads into non-intrusive, interactive displays will give your audience new opportunities to participate in and engage with your livestreams.

Not so clear? Watch the aftermovie of our campaign with Philips to see what our overlays and questionnaires look like on livestreams.

How to become a LIVAD partner-streamer?

Joining LIVAD is very simple;

1 - First, click here to sign up the Streamer Dashboard
2 - Authenticate with your Twitch or Youtube account
3 - Create your profile
4 - Complete display screen and chatbot set-up
5 - Select available campaigns
6 - Start earning money from the overlays displayed on your livestreams

And that’s all, easy right?

We believe that LIVAD is unique in offering a place to streamers of all sizes and giving them an opportunity to monetize their content while keeping their audiences entertained; but don’t just take our word for it.

Join our ever-growing network of streamers and experience for yourself how LIVAD can help you monetize your content in style.

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