Oynasana.com Case Study - a Black Friday campaign

January 19, 2021
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Black Friday has globally become one of the most exciting times for every customer, and of course, every brand. During this period, each brand seeks new marketing strategies to increase their sales. Our campaign with Oynasana.com started at this point. Just before Black Friday, we met with Oynasana.com’s marketing team to discuss and understand their expectations. For this campaign, their goal was to increase game and e-pin sales on their online shop by promoting up to 90% discounts on selected products. Their target audience was gamers aged between 18-34.

It is no secret that a successful ad campaign should result in a “high” click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. In 2020’s fast-paced environment, digital ads (banner ads on websites, YouTube ads, etc.) are not able to offer a high level of engagement anymore. They have been associated with the “traditional” already. This is the very reason why marketers have to look for new technologies and advertising models to reach their marketing goals.

LIVAD’s advertising model promises much higher engagement than traditional ones. But how does LIVAD offer this level of engagement?

First, we work with streamers that are highly influential within their communities; their fans follow them step by step and take their recommendations seriously. Therefore, users are much more likely to purchase a product if it has been recommended by their favorite streamer.

Second, unlike pre-roll and mid-roll models, our ads are displayed without interrupting the stream. This way, instead of taking up the entire screen and ruining users’ viewing experience, our ads become the center of attention through their elegant look and organic feel. This creates a much more user-friendly experience and therefore a better brand outlook.

Third, as a part of the gaming community, our team understands what impresses gamers and what makes them “cringe“. Therefore, we avoid ads that seem overly “sellout“ and, with the help of our in-house motion design team, create ads that are engaging and entertaining for both streamers and their audience alike.

Long story short, our path to success in this campaign was led by the combination of three key factors: strong influencing power of our partner streamers, our user-friendly ad display technology, and our knowledge of the taste and  expectations of the  gaming community. When all these ingredients came together, we got outstanding results:

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