How to Market an Esports Event - Vodafone FreeZone Wild Rift 5G Tournament Case Study

October 27, 2021
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Vodafone is one of the biggest supporters of the fast-growing gaming industry for many years. With Vodafone FreeZone brand, they created many projects that benefit the players and contribute to the development of e-sports in our country, such as product development, player & tournament sponsorships, and strategic partnerships with game companies. However, this past June was a particularly exciting time for Vodafone Turkey, as it was organizing the much anticipated Vodafone FreeZone League of Legends: Wild Rift 5G Tournament. 

As a crucial player in the esports ecosystem, Vodafone very well knew that their target audience, Gen-Z, spend most of their time on livestreaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Live. Therefore, in addition to streaming the tournament live on these platforms, Vodafone decided to also include these channels in their marketing efforts through LIVAD’s smart, elegant, and non-intrusive Livestream Marketing model, in the hopes of reaching their target audience effectively and attracting more viewers to the tournament.


Choosing the right medium to reach one’s target audience is a great first step to a successful campaign; however, it doesn’t guarantee success in itself. Another major challenge is to craft an impactful message and deliver it in the right format, making sure that the delivery does not compromise the viewership experience as that would create a negative outlook among the viewers.

To accomplish this goal, LIVAD Content Team stepped in to design a non-intrusive yet eye-catching creative in line with the tastes and expectations of the livestreaming audience, without compromising the visual language used throughout Vodafone’s social media campaigns.

The campaign was a big hit: With the participation of 186 streamers broadcasting across 97 categories, Vodafone was able to generate 1M+ completed video views through 3,186 overlay displays, getting 44+ hours of screen time. As a result, the tournament attracted 50K+ viewers who had the chance to witness 5G speed and reliability.

Livestream Advertising may disable full control of brands over the content. However young people prefer live and native interactions over social posts because the former feel much more genuine. Brands, like Vodafone, who create their strategies according to their audience's media consumption habits have the best chance of winning Gen-Z over.

If you’d like to learn more about LIVAD and start leveraging the power of smart Livestream Advertising, request a demo today.


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