How PHILIPS achieved a 5.40% CTR through smart Livestream Marketing at scale.

August 19, 2021
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Last February was an exciting time for one of the largest health technology companies of the world, Philips, as it was launching a brand new electric razor: ‘OneBlade’. Aiming to appeal to a young and dynamic audience with its new product offering, Philips was well aware of the challenge it was facing as many among its target audience do not watch TV, use adblock, and do not trust traditional advertising. Therefore, Philips turned to a lesser-known, unconventional model, Livestream Marketing, in the hopes of impressing this particularly desirable audience.

Philips took a two-stage approach to this marketing campaign. First, they used LIVAD’s questionnaire model to run branded mini-surveys and extract valuable insights about consumers’ shaving routines. Second, feeding this information back into their content, they displayed elegant, non-intrusive overlays across various streams, customizing messaging at the stream level based on the previously collected information.

Leveraging LIVAD’s smart layer technology, Philips was not only able to run an extremely effective video marketing campaign with an impressive 5.40% click-through rate, but also succeeded in scaling this effort to 54 streamers and 550k+ views, something that can rarely be achieved on an influencer marketing campaign.

Today’s sophisticated, tech-savvy buyers are not satisfied with just seeing static product images on the internet; they’d like to see the products in action, or endorsed by their beloved influencers, before they actually pull the trigger and make the decision to purchase. For brands, there is no better place to be present than livestreaming platforms where streamers can act as their brand ambassadors and provide authentic product endorsements that are actually trusted by their audiences. LIVAD helps brands do just that through its smart, elegant, and non-intrusive display model that combines the power of contextual targeting and data-driven optimization with the highly engaging nature of influencer marketing. 

If you’d like to learn more about LIVAD and start leveraging the power of smart Livestream Marketing, request a demo from here.


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