How LIVAD Helped The Walt Disney Company Collaborate with 1000+ Streamers and
Launch Disney+ In Style

04 October, 2022
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Launched in the US in November 2019, Disney+ expanded its reach to Turkey, as well as 41 other countries, in summer 2022.


Despite having a strong back catalog and owning immensely popular IP, Disney+ was entering Turkey’s saturated streaming market where competition was top-of-mind. To stand out among the competition and become the go-to streaming platform among Gen-Z, they needed to announce their launch in a way that would actually resonate with today’s savvy entertainment-lovers, making it clear that Disney+ gets them.


Thanks to LIVAD’s suite of live stream engagement products, Disney+ recruited more than a thousand creators who were all eager to promote its newly launched platform to deliver its campaign message in an authentic and scalable way.


Creators: 1114 creators participated in the campaign
Live Stream Categories: 421 categories were integrated
Screen Time: 132 hours of screen time was secured.
Reach: 2.7M viewers were reached

The campaign effectively brought Disney+ top-of-mind among a desirable audience.
Highlights include:

Collaboration with 1114 creators
Integration into 421 live stream categories
• 132 hours
of screen time was secured
• 2.7M Viewers reached

“Without a doubt, one of the most important target audiences for our launch campaign was Gen-Z. We all know that Gen-Z has a shorter attention span than previous generations and is more responsive to advertisements.

That's why we provide a space for Twitch creators with the help of LIVAD's live stream marketing product and let them give their own opinion on Disney+ in an improvised and heartfelt way. As a result, more creators than expected have joined this trend and announced that Disney+ has launched in Turkey.”

Özlem Sezer
Digital Director, Publicis

“Gaming vertical is an area that continues to rise in Turkey. A significant part of our target audience is also in this field. We chose to use LIVAD technology to interact with our audience.

As a result, with LIVAD Technologies, we achieved a very high level of interaction and views with our Gen-Z audience through streamers on the Twitch platform.”

Ege Esen
Associate Digital Director, Publicis

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