Master Class on Audience Engagement: How Knorr Leveraged LIVAD’s Interactive Overlays to Reach and Engage Gen-Z

August 8, 2022
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Knorr is a food brand owned by Unilever, producing soup and meal mixes, bouillon cubes, snacks, and spices. Unilever also owns brands such as Magnum ice cream, Dove soap and Axe / Lynx.

In order to engage and better understand the preferences of Gen-Z, a previously untapped audience who spends most of their time watching their favorite creators on live streaming platforms, Knorr turned to LIVAD.


Most advertising formats offer limited engagement opportunities beyond a simple click or video view. This made it difficult for Knorr to generate insights on their consumers’ preferences and establish a two-way dialogue with them. While promoting their Mac & Cheese product, Knorr wanted to make its campaign memorable through a more interactive and authentic delivery.


Leveraging LIVAD’s Interactive Overlays, the Knorr team has developed a two-part campaign strategy. First, an interactive poll asked the viewers when they prefer consuming quick, easy, and delicious recipes. Then, once the audience had a chance to vote, a non-intrusive overlays highlighting Knorr’s Mac & Cheese was served. Throughout the campaign, Just Chatting category was targeted for maximum engagement, as this is a category where streamers continuously interact with their viewers.


Creators: 363 creators participated in the campaign
Reach: 545K viewers were reached 
Engagement Rate: 4,01% achieved
Poll Responses: 16,600 responses were received to the poll

The campaign enabled Knorr to create memorable experiences by combining interactive polls with non-intrusive video overlays. Highlights include:

Collaboration with 363 creators
• 545K Viewers
A 4,01% Engagement Rate
• 16,600 Poll Responses
were received

Poll Results:

"When do you prefer quick, easy, and delicious recipes?"

During game breaks - 22.5%
While watching gameplay - 22.7%
While watching movies -  18.9%
When I’d like to spoil myself

"The gaming agenda was very important to us and we thought about how we can achieve this with an interactive, highly conversational project that we can connect to online sales.

By creating a strategy with LIVAD and achieving successful results with the Interactive Overlay model, we saw that we received a lot of interaction and that the product attracted and liked by the potential target audience."

Mine Keskin
Digital Manager, PHD Media

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