How Karaca Introduced Their Brand-New ‘Çaysever Robotea’ to Gamers Through LIVAD’s Live Stream Engagement Tools

August 24, 2023
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Karaca, a prominent Turkish brand renowned for its diverse range of home appliance, home decor, and lifestyle products, has consistently added elegance and comfort to homes across Turkey.


Karaca unveiled their latest innovation, the 'Çaysever Robotea' — an autonomous brewing machine equipped with advanced features like pre-heating modes, audible alerts, and wireless connectivity. These features make the product a good fit for the tech-savvy generation along with casual users. However, conveying the intricate capabilities and its appeal to young, technology-driven audiences through conventional advertising channels posed a challenge.


Our strategy revolved around three phases to make 'Çaysever Robotea' resonate with tech-savvy live stream audiences and to demonstrate its innovative features effectively, we embarked on a campaign combining influencer activations with dedicated live streams and a scalable, fully-automated Interactive & Video Overlay sponsorships that creators can participate.

Video Overlays on Gaming Live Streams:

Engaging over 700 passionate creators in our sponsorship, we seamlessly integrated Karaca's creative content into gaming streams. This approach ensured massive outreach while maintaining viewer experience, leveraging LIVAD's non-intrusive format.

Interactive Overlays:

LIVAD's Interactive Overlays enabled Karaca to engage audiences directly by polling their beverage preference – coffee or tea. Following the poll, a creative appeared showcasing 'Çaysever Robotea' as the ultimate solution for both preferences.

Collaboration with PintiPanda:

As part of our collaboration, Karaca sent a Çaysever Robotea to Tuna “Pintipanda” Akşen — one of the most influential creators in the Turkish gaming ecosystem with 1.96 million combined followers on YouTube and Twitch, and he conducted a dedicated live stream to demonstrate Çaysever Robotea's features, where LIVAD's video overlays consistently appeared.


The impact was significant, achieving a remarkable 1.16% click-through rate(CTR) within an audience of over 380,000 views. The message resonated across a broad spectrum of 275 live stream categories with 722 creators who actively participated in the sponsorship.


1.16% CTR in 380K+ Completed Views
• 722 Creators
• 275 Categories

Karaca's Çaysever Robotea campaign has exceeded expectations by reaching a wide-range audience with a strong interest in tea and coffee consumption. Informed by market research, which revealed that gamers tend to consume tea and coffee during gaming sessions, Karaca strategically leveraged LIVAD's technology, and chose Twitch as the platform to promote Robotea as an innovative solution to meet these demands. By utilizing live streaming to engage users in real-time interactions, the campaign successfully fostered a sense of community around Karaca’s innovative product. This approach on Twitch has yielded a lasting and enduring effect, significantly boosting product awareness among gamers.”

“We wanted to reach the target audience who is closely interested in technology for the newly released more technological IOT-enabled model of Çaysever Robotea. We chose to use LIVAD Technologies to reach this audience. As a result, we achieved a very high level of interaction and views from the interactive name and the influencer collaboration project we realized with Pintipanda, where we differentiated the creatives according to the target audience. In this way, we had the opportunity to accurately explain the Çaysever Robotea product to the target audience of players on the Twitch platform.”


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