Capture the Moments That Matter: Introducing Live Event Detection

April 12, 2023
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Live streaming has rapidly become the go-to medium for entertainment, with millions of viewers tuning into their favorite creators every day. For brands, live streaming presents a unique opportunity to engage with audiences in a way that feels more authentic and personal than traditional advertising. With the ability to analyze live stream video and audio in real-time, LIVAD's Live Event Detection technology identifies key moments during live streams when brands can best connect with their target audiences.

Using natural language processing and computer vision technology, Live Event Detection can detect key moments during live streams, including various in-game events of the most popular games to help brands be there with tailored creatives to support the stream during moments that matter.

Detecting these moments of excitement and engagement in the games to trigger brands' visual assets during these moments will create limitless creative opportunities for brands. For example, a sports brand may want to own the moments when the player scores a goal or a point, while an insurance company may want to show up right after there has been a car crash in a racing game.

Moments from our campaign with Mondelez International that
has won the Golden MIXX award at IAB's 2023 MIXX Awards.

By identifying these key moments, LIVAD can help brands maximize their chances of capturing the audience's attention. With Live Event Detection, brands can reach their target audience with relevant messaging at the right time, resulting in higher engagement rates, and eventually, a higher return on investment.

Reach your target audience with fun and engaging virtual experiences, start today.

Our Co-founder & CEO, Arda Genç talks about Live Event Detection
at our session at IAB PlayFronts 2023 in New York.

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