How MEGA Brought Motion Pikachu to Life Using LIVAD's Rich Overlays on Live Streams

August 8, 2023
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Mattel, Inc. is a prominent American multinational toy manufacturing and entertainment company, known for its global reach in 35 countries and territories, with products sold in over 150 countries. MEGA, a prominent subsidiary of Mattel, is renowned for its innovative building sets that inspire creativity and imaginative play in children worldwide.

To create an engaging and immersive livestream campaign for their latest MEGA product, Mattel strategically partnered with LIVAD, leveraging the power of its Rich Overlays model and creator network.


By stepping into live streaming platforms, Mattel aimed to captivate brick building enthusiasts and engage Gen Z to promote their innovative Motion Pokémon — a motion-powered Pokémon figure that springs to life with a crank turn. Nevertheless, traditional ad display methods may encounter challenges in effectively capturing the product's distinctive charm and captivating motion ability.


To accurately demonstrate the motion's charm, LIVAD's in-house design team custom-created an animated Pikachu creative, precisely matching the kinetic mechanics of the MEGA product. Following the Kinetic Pikachu coming to life on the screen, the official campaign movie emerged alongside a static MEGA logo in the right corner, seamlessly integrating into the display session. Leveraging LIVAD's premium creator network, Mattel partnered with over 900 creators to ensure broad audience reach.


The campaign proved to be an absolute success! With 1M views with a 100% completed view rate, the campaign achieved an outstanding 1.10% click-through rate (CTR) and the collaboration involved 914 creators who spread the word across 342 live stream categories.


1.10% CTR
914 Creators Participated
342 Categories
62 hours of screen time

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