How Mercedes-Benz promoted their EQ Series leveraging LIVAD’s Rich Media Overlay on scale.

November 22, 2022
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Mercedes-EQ is a series of battery-electric vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz — leading German luxury and commercial vehicle automotive brand established in 1926.  The first EQ model was previewed at the Paris Motor Show in 2016 and Mercedes-Benz intends to produce ten EQ models by 2022.

With EQ branding, Mercedes has partnered with Riot Games, sponsoring some prestigious League of Legends (LoL) tournaments in recent years. They also partnered with world-renowned, South Korea’s one of the top esports teams, SK Gaming in 2019.

Apart from their global efforts in promoting their EQ brand to a younger audience — which is considered as the potential, future customers in a world where EVs will be more prominent — Mercedes-Benz partnered with Red Bull in Turkey and has become one of the main sponsors of a well-known League of Legends tournament series, ‘Solo Q’.


The goal was to promote our client's brand new EQ electric cars (EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE, EQS) while staying top-of-mind amongst the young generation as a dedicated supporter of esports and gaming in the country by collaborating with the creators on live streaming platforms, where the younger generations Gen Z & Gen Alpha spend most of their time.

However, to achieve this goal, traditional digital overlay formats may fail in achieving both aspects effectively at the same time and in a limited time span — which is something quite important as the target audience, Gen Z, is known for their short attention span and negative perception of intrusive, long advertisements.


Leveraging LIVAD’s Rich Media Overlays, Mercedes-Benz was able to showcase their cars from the EQ series with an appealing animation where some of the cars from the EQ series first appear, get closer, and light up their beams on the middle-low part of the screen while the partnership movie for Red Bull’s Solo Q is being displayed simultaneously, in a small portion of the stream on the right corner without compromising the viewership experience on live streams of hundreds of highly influential creators on Twitch and YouTube Live.


Creators: 438 creators participated 
Reach: 333K viewers were reached
Engagement: 1,01% CTR

The campaign enabled our client to spread awareness of their support to the esports scene and gaming community in the country while showcasing their cutting-edge technology in electric vehicles elegantly using Rich Media Overlays.

Highlights include:

Collaboration with 438 creators.
333K viewers reached.
A 1,01% Click-through rate was achieved.

As Mercedes-Benz, we thought that with an interactive project, we could bring our Mercedes-EQ brand to a younger audience and capture the attention of a niche audience in the world where gaming takes place — live streams.

Creating a strategy with LiVAD Team in this direction, we achieved satisfying results leveraging Rich Media Overlay. We saw that the project attracted our potential target audience, achieved good results, received high levels of engagement and positive feedback from the audience.

Fatih Toprak
Digital Manager, OMD Turkey

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