How Pandora launched a new jewelry collection using LIVAD and reached Female Gamers at scale

February 2, 2022
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Known for its customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, earrings, and necklaces, Pandora is already a favorite among luxury jewelry shoppers. However, for the launch of its new Pandora ME™ collection, in addition to targeting its typical target audience of women interested in modern, feminine jewelry, Pandora decided to make a special effort to engage a new segment: Female Gamers. In collaboration with their media agency Carat, Pandora turned to LIVAD for the launch given our reputation as the go-to platform for reaching “the unreachables”.

Leveraging LIVAD’s suite of live stream engagement products, Pandora has created buzz around the new line by collaborating with streamers who have hyper-engaged communities as well as a large impact on their fans’ decision to purchase. By displaying elegant, non-intrusive overlays across hundreds of streams at scale, Pandora reached hundreds of thousands of Gen-Z viewers at scale without compromising their viewership experience.

Using our streamer targeting tools, Pandora found the most relevant streamers for its campaign: female gamers aged 18-24 interested in fashion and beauty. Working with relevant streamers not only helped Pandora reach its target audience through interactive video overlays but also resulted in native product placements where streamers shared their love of Pandora products by actually showing them to their viewers during overlay displays. This way, instead of invasive overlays intruding content, overlay display moments felt more like a genuine exchange between the streamers and their viewers.

The campaign was a major success: With the participation of 119 streamers broadcasting across 100 categories, Pandora accumulated 400K completed video views through 5,727 overlay displays, getting 47 hours of screen time. As a result, the campaign achieved an average CTR of 1.41%, 1.2X higher than beauty industry benchmarks.

After seeing such impressive results from the launch, Pandora plans to include live stream marketing in its media mix for future campaigns and leverage LIVAD’s suite of live stream marketing products to continue to reach receptive, hyper-engaged audiences at scale.

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