SteelSeries Case Study - Collecting Consumer Feedback Through Interactive Questionnaires

February 6, 2021
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Collecting user feedback to generate relevant and actionable consumer insights is a key need for brands to satisfy rapidly changing customer demands today. However; expensive and time-consuming methods that power market research make this process challenging in a way that is unfitting to today’s fast-moving digital world. Therefore, as LIVAD Technologies, we develop engagement-focused marketing models that allow consumers to provide valuable feedback while increasing our clients’ brand awareness; Questionnaire Overlays is one of them.

SteelSeries was one of the brands that incorporated LIVAD’s questionnaire model into their marketing efforts. Through the campaign we designed with their marketing team, we aimed to not only promote their newly launched computer mouse  “Aerox 3 RGB”, but also learn more about users’ expectations from such a product, eventually leveraging these insights to increase brand affinity and intent to purchase amongst viewers through customized assets.

With this goal in mind, we prepared a display campaign along with three multiple-choice questions that would alternate on our partner streamers’ live streams, asking viewers to answer the questions in chat to indicate their preference. Offering viewers an innovative and entertaining way to engage with overlays, we were able to push the envelope through appealing and non-intrusive assets. The result was a series of interactions between the streamer, audience, and brand through these interactive micro-moments.

As shown in the campaign aftermovie, with questions such as “What is your weight expectation for a mouse?”, “What is the most important quality of a mouse?”, and “Wireless Mouse or Wired Mouse?, we were able to collect consumer preference data broken down by streamer. Then, we leveraged these insights by optimizing our asset display, pushing the right campaign message on the right streamers’ broadcast based on audience preferences. The results were as follows;

10%+ Response Rate on Questionnaires
5.33% CTR on 200K+ completed video views

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