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En LIVAD desarrollamos innovadores productos publicitarios que buscan conectar marcas con streamers. Gracias a nuestra tecnología, generamos anuncios interactivos, no intrusivos y de alta conversión, permitiendo a Streamers de todos los tamaños monetizar su contenido.

Media Distribution

Ofrecemos anuncios de alta conversión através de una amplia red de Streamers, optimizada en función de la audiencia y sus características del Streamer. Nuestros algoritmos basados en inteligencia artificial encontrarán automáticamente los mejores momentos para que se muestren sus anuncios.

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Artículos más recientes en inglés

Everybody Loves Pizza Days: How Domino's Got a 4.52% Click-Through Rate Through Non-Intrusive Live Stream Ads

March 28, 2022 - 2 min read

According to Newzoo, 92% of viewers regularly eat or drink while watching game-related content on platforms like Twitch or Youtube. This makes live streams a particularly valuable medium for online food delivery businesses to stay top-of-mind and reach consumers right when they are making their purchasing decisions. Domino’s saw this opportunity and decided to promote its pizza days with a series of live stream advertising campaigns, promoting special discounts through carefully crafted designs presented via non-intrusive formats in line with the audience’s tastes and expectations.

Vodafone and Netflix Achieve 76% Lift in Ad Recall with Collaborative Ads on Live Streams powered by LIVAD Technologies

March 15, 2022 - 2 min read

After successfully partnering with LIVAD to promote its FreeZone Wild Rift 5G Tournament past June, Vodafone decided to continue to invest in live stream advertising to reach its target audience by launching its partnership with Netflix, which allows Vodafone Red users to avail 3 months of Netflix subscription, using LIVAD’s premium live stream advertising solutions. To demonstrate the success of non-intrusive live stream advertising, the campaign was measured with the world’s first Brand Lift Study conducted on creator channels during their live streams via interactive polls.

How Doritos Collaborated with 673 Streamers and Achieved 140% Higher Engagement Through Game-Targeted Live Stream Ads

March 09, 2022 - 2 min read

Doritos, as a snack brand having already had multiple ventures into esports & gaming, was well-aware of the changing media consumption habits of Gen-Z and the opportunities they present. Doritos was also well-versed enough in gaming to recognize that not all gamers are the same. To continue to build a strong tie and deep association with gaming, they decided to own the concept of “starting over” with their recent campaign and decided to break down this hyper-engaged and particularly valuable audience into its sub-segments and impress each one with an ultra-relevant creative tailored to their favorite game category with LIVAD's non-intrusive, interactive ads.