Everybody Loves Pizza Days: How Domino's Got a 4.52% Click-Through Rate Through Non-Intrusive Live Stream Overlays

29 March, 2022
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With more than 3 billion active gamers globally, it is no longer a secret that gaming is the next big opportunity in marketing. This is a huge, highly lucrative market, with an engaged and hard-to-reach audience. With the recent advances in technology making it possible to stream low-latency, high quality video, viewing games has also become a major phenomenon, with over 140 million viewers tuning into Twitch only to watch their favorite streamers play video games live. For marketers, this means new and exciting opportunities that were previously non-existent.

According to Newzoo, 92% of viewers regularly eat or drink while watching game-related content on platforms like Twitch or Youtube. This makes live streams a particularly valuable medium for online food delivery businesses to stay top-of-mind and reach consumers right when they are making their purchasing decisions. Domino’s saw this opportunity and decided to promote its pizza days with a series of live stream marketing campaigns, promoting special discounts through carefully crafted designs presented via non-intrusive formats in line with the audience’s tastes and expectations.

Leveraging LIVAD’s suite of live stream marketing products, Domino’s collaborated with 321 passionate streamers broadcasting a wide variety of games including League of Legends, VALORANT, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, and FIFA. Because these streamers actively chose to take part in the campaign, they supported the video overlays displayed on their screen with brand shoutouts that felt like native product placements.

This resulted in many viewers talking about Domino’s in the chat box as well as an impressive 4.52% Click-through rate across 800K+ video views, an engagement level 2.11X higher than the Food & Drink industry benchmark, proving the impact that live stream marketing can make when a tasteful creative is combined with an irresistible offer.

After seeing such outstanding results from the campaigns, Domino’s continues to include live stream marketing as a crucial component of its media mix and leverage LIVAD’s engaging formats to reach highly receptive audiences at scale when promoting its pizza days.

"Non-Intrusive Live Stream Overlays made it convenient for Domino’s to reach gamers through a single platform. It strengthened our brand image as the flight is a mix of both native and paid media."

Zeynep Yuvanç Uslu
Media Director, Domino’s

"Facility has been provided during the operation process for Forward Media. In addition, the flight was a price-performance usage, where our video can be shown, and effective results are obtained."

Görkem Çolak
Digital Associate Director, Forward Media

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