How Doritos Collaborated with 673 Streamers and Achieved 140% Higher Engagement Through Game-Targeted Live Stream Overlays

March 09, 2022
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Despite COVID-19 slowing down the growth of many industries over the past two years, the gaming ecosystem has continued to grow at unprecedented rates as consumers have increasingly replaced outdoor activities with attractive indoor alternatives. It would be safe to say that Gen-Z has played a crucial role in this growth, as 81% of them self-identify as gamers. Instead of reading newspapers, watching TV, or even scrolling on social media, Gen-Z prefers keeping up with the latest trends by either playing games or watching others play games, making both games and live streaming platforms, where creators typically broadcast their gameplay, incredibly attractive forms of media for brands to join the conversation.

Doritos, as a snack brand having already had multiple ventures into esports & gaming, was well-aware of the changing media consumption habits of Gen-Z and the opportunities they present. To continue to build a strong tie and deep association with gaming, they decided to own the concept of “starting over” with their recent campaign, as starting over upon failure is a recurring theme in games that is associated with passion and resilience, traits shared by all types of gamers.

However; Doritos was also well-versed enough in gaming to recognize that not all gamers are the same. Therefore, unlike many brands who treat gamers as one large segment, Doritos decided to break down this hyper-engaged and particularly valuable audience into its sub-segments and impress each one with an ultra-relevant creative tailored to their favorite game category. Along with their partner media agency, OMD, they determined six main game types to tailor their creatives; Casual, Battle Royale, Sports, Racing, Sandbox, and MOBA. Then, they partnered with LIVAD to target game categories dynamically across thousands of live streams to only serve the creative that is most relevant to the game that the creator was playing at the time of the overlay display, something that would not be possible without LIVAD’s automated, data-driven media distribution technology powered by machine learning algorithms.

The campaign was a major hit with 2.1X higher streamer participation than LIVAD’s industry benchmark, featuring 673 streamers who actively promoted Doritos products during their live streams, giving the overlay display moments a native product placement feel that is highly favored by the audience. The audience’s positive reaction to and interest in the campaign was proven by a 1.10% Click-Through Rate across 5M+ video views and 118+ hours of screen time, an engagement level that is 140% higher than the industry benchmark for standard display overlays, showing that tailored creatives combined with the authentic support of creators can truly make an impact.

As a cherry on top, building on the increased engagement intent among the warm audience, Doritos ended the campaign by distributing a limited number of special gift codes in order to acquire new users for their comprehensive and large-scale promotion app, KazandıRio. Leveraging LIVAD’s chatbot technology, 1000 codes have all been distributed and used within a few hours.

The success of the campaign was both directly and indirectly recognized by multiple prestigious awards, playing an important role in LIVAD’s recognition as Media Technology of the Year and Startup of the Year on MarTech Awards 2022.

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“Considering that nearly 90% of GenZ are gamers and 51% of them eat chips while gaming with Doritos already being their top choice, we designed a holistic gaming stretegy & execution to tap into all different segments of the fragmented gaming ecosystem and make Doritos the ultimate gaming snack by boldly elevating the gaming experience. In doing so, LIVAD enabled us to elevate gamer and game-viewer engagement in an innovative way."

Duygu Güzel,
Senior Brand Manager, PepsiCo

"In response to the growing consumption of live streaming during COVID, we started looking into how we can engage with the gaming audience in new, interactive ways.  We discovered LIVAD’s suite of live stream marketing products as a valuable toolkit to reach our target audience. This campaign showed us the potential of LIVAD to engage gaming and game-viewing audiences in a bold way and drive great results."

Emel Akman,
Head of Digital, OMD

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