Vodafone and Netflix Achieve 76% Lift in Ad Recall with Collaborative Overlays on Live Streams powered by LIVAD Technologies

March 15, 2022
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After successfully partnering with LIVAD to promote its FreeZone Wild Rift 5G Tournament past June, Vodafone decided to continue to invest in live stream marketing to reach its target audience by launching its partnership with Netflix, which allows Vodafone Red users to avail 3 months of Netflix subscription, using LIVAD’s premium live stream engagement solutions. To demonstrate the success of non-intrusive live stream marketing, the campaign was measured with the world’s first Brand Lift Study conducted on creator channels during their live streams via interactive polls.

Known for its vision to lead the digitalization in Turkey, Vodafone continues to offer its customers innovative products and services. Continuously expanding its world of limitless entertainment, Vodafone now exclusively offers Red users the opportunity to enjoy unlimited usage of Netflix, the world’s leading entertainment service provider, without using up their data. 

To connect with their audience and promote their offering in the Turkish market, the company wanted to reach engaged communities who have a strong interest in entertainment and digital content consumption. 

Instead of trying to reach their target audience through traditional channels, which often fall short of engaging today’s tech-savvy, sophisticated users, Vodafone chose live streaming as the preferred medium to deliver its message, as streamers have hyper-engaged communities who have a strong interest in entertainment and spend a lot of time consuming content online.

Vodafone chose to partner with LIVAD, pioneer in live stream monetization technologies, in order to both craft an authentic asset that would seamlessly blend in stream content and serve overlays automatically across LIVAD’s network of premium content creators.

The campaign generated 1M video views, reaching nearly 400K unique viewers via 77 passionate streamers who actively chose to be part of the campaign. 

To further analyze and quantify the impact of the campaign, LIVAD created a channel-based Brand Lift Study framework, showing surveys on channels that participated in the campaign and on channels that were eligible to participate in the campaign but did not participate in it. To make sure that the surveys did not take away from the viewership experience, they were presented in the form of gamified, interactive Polls and participation was optional. The difference in the responses between the channels that participated in the campaign and the channels that didn’t were used to determine the influence the overlays had on ad recall, campaign awareness, preference and favorability.

The results of the surveys showed that live stream inventory has a significant impact on brand metrics, including campaign awareness and ad recall. Vodafone has seen a;

  • 76% lift in ad recall for the channels exposed to the campaign, compared to an industry benchmark of 6%, proving that the overlays made a lasting impression on the audience
  • 48% lift in campaign awareness for the channels exposed to the campaign, compared to an industry benchmark of 27%, proving that the campaign was able to cut through the noise and was not simply overlooked like most traditional marketing methods;
  • 24% lift in brand favorability for the channels exposed to the campaign, compared to an industry benchmark of 4%, proving that the campaign message was relevant to the target audience and had a significant impact on their consideration;
“As Vodafone, we are proactively looking for creative ways to engage our target audience. Due to the limited engagement opportunities traditional channels offer, they have been relatively less effective in creating a two-way dialogue between brands and their audience. Considering the media consumption habits of our target audience, we believed that using non-intrusive live stream marketing formats offered by LIVAD would help us engage with our target audience and become a part of their dialogue. Thanks to LIVAD’s cutting-edge live stream marketing technology, we were able to serve our overlays both elegantly and at scale, without interrupting the flow of the content. The results of the Brand Lift Survey made it clear that the campaign made a lasting impact on our target audience."

Seçil Demiralp
Head of Brand & Marketing Strategy, Vodafone

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